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Welcome to redView

redView: EclipseRT (Runtime) meets Eclipse Modeling.

redView: Riena EMF Dynamic Views (not only) for OSGI Business Applications.

redView 1.0.0 (Helios SR1) available 🙂see here HowTo install.

Using redView its very comfortable to design UI, because redView provides a SWT WYSIWYG editor: the UI Designer can use Drag’n’Drop, the Outline View or the Properties View. Copy / Paste with Undo functionality makes it easy to correct a mistake.

redView UI is based on EMF Models – these models can be generated using red-open Software Manufactory.

At Runtime the Business Views are rendered dynamically and Design changes can be pushed live into running (Riena) – RCP Applications using EMFStore.

redView is also a great tool for Prototyping: Developer, Designer and Business User can work distributed on the same models.

Another use-case of redView is testing webservices in a generated (Riena) – RCP Application.

redView is simple to use: combine it with your own UI –> a redView Factory gives you a component rendered dynamically at runtime.

redView uses Eclipse RT Technology: OSGI Framework and Declarative Services (DS) from Equinox, Ridgets from Eclipse Riena, …

redView and red-open support Eclipse RT: Eclipse Riena RCP Applications with UI and Navigation, Riena Remote Services, … all can be generated.

open-erp-ware as reference-implementation of redView enhances functionality with some business components: localizing (labels, enums, …), lookup, search, navigation, CRUD UI and more.

red-open software manufactory generates redView – SWT View models and more using Eclipse Modeling: EMFT (MWE) and M2T (Xpand/Xtend) aka openArchitectureWare.

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upcoming events:

redView will be presented at Eclipse Summit Europe

Eclipse Summit Europe 2010

wednesday, 3rd november 2010


redView will be presented at some Eclipse Demo Camps November 2010



previous events:

redView was presented at some Eclipse Demo Camps Helios 2010



redView at SEACON (2010-06-28 .. 2010-06-29):

2010-05-26 – we presented a (german) webinar hosted by oose

redView was part of the “Enterprise Eclipse Day” at JAX 2010:


redView was presented at EclipseCon 2010:

EclipseCon 2010


redView was presented at some Eclipse Demo Camps November 2009



BOF at W-JAX, Munich (2009-11-11) “Was man mit Eclipse EMF alles machen kann: Business UIs modellgetrieben” (What’s possible with Eclipse EMF: model-driven Business UI)


redView was also presented at Open Stage (2009-11-16 16:35 – 17:05) of Open Source Expo :


In the meantime you can follow @ekkescorner at twitter or take a look at

redView License: EPL (Eclipse Public License)

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