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3rd party Bundles

redView depends on some Eclipse Projects (Riena, Equinox, EMF, CDO,…) and also 3rdParty.

Please read the Installation Guide to see how these 3rd Party Bundles should be installed.

After downloading a snapshot you’ll finde something like this:

where the contents of dropins is:

and target-platform-only is:


Riena is normaly availablethrough UpdateSites and provides the Riena SDK and Riena Examples. If you try to install Riena from Updatesite you’ll find a warning that Riena should only be installed into Target Platforms.

The use of redView breaks this rule 😉 redView’s Designer Editor depends on some Riena bundles. It’s no problem to install the Riena SDK into the IDE, but we need only some bundles, so we provide these bundles in our snapshots. (Later we’ll use P2 Update Sites to make this more comfortable)

We grouped Riena’s bundles into:

  • core – used in IDE and Target Platforms
  • ui_core – only used inside the IDE
  • s2 – some dependencies from Riena resolved using bundles from Springsource Enterprise Resource Bundle Repository
  • runtime-core – not part of this snapshot (only be used inside Target Platform for Server or RCP)
  • runtime-rcp – not part of this snapshot (only used inside Target Platform for RCP)
  • nebula – part of Riena 1.2.0, optional in Riena 2.x, used from redView’s Extended Composite Table (see example)


redView has a dependency to SLF4J and its up to you how you implement this. (PaxLoggin etc.) We provide the native SLF4J implementation nfrom logback.



Loalization is an important part of business applications and we’re using the CAL10N project. The use is opitional – only l10_core must be there.


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