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redView Tutorial “Actions”

Clicking on Image – Labels or Buttons you can execute Actions from your code.

The Screencast demonstrates how to use the example project:

(for best results please switch HD = ON, Scaling = OFF, Fullscreen)

The Actions Example View:

A simple View with clickable Icon and Button:

Clicking on the Icon or the Button will fire Events.

LabelBinding with EventListenerID:

We’ve added a RLabelEventHandler together with a RIconClickTrigger and a RCodedDelegateEvent.

redView provides many pre-defined Trigger and Events. To get more info please take a look at the events Example.

The only property you have to enter is the EventListenerID – it’s up to you how you name your Event Listener ID’s.

Extension EventListenerFactory:

You have to register EventListenerFactory:

EventListenerFactory (Java):

The EventListenerFactory creates EventListner for your EventListener ID’s:

LabelEventListener (Java):

Inside the EventListener you can do what you want – in this example we simply open a MessageDialog. But you have access to the redView Context which allows you to manipulate the Ridgets or access and change the Beans or POJO’s.

There are other parts of the Turtorial explaining redViews

  • BeanManager
  • RidgetStore
  • SystemContext

try it out

Now its up to you to study the code and try it out. Please import the


project into your workspace and get your hands dirty.

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