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How to install redView ? Here you’ll get informations.

——–upcoming milestones / versions:

redView 1.5.0  (Indigo – June 2011)

….supporting Riena 3.0, RAP and Eclipse e4

…adding more wizards

——–released milestones / versions:

redView 1.0.0 (Helios SR1) 2010-12-30

now redView supports databinding for:

  • Beans
  • POJOs
  • EObjects

EMFStore 0.6.3 with support for plain EObjects

better Drag-n-Drop Usabaility from inside redView’s WYSIWYG Editor

redView 0.8.0 (Helios RC3/RC4) 2010-06-08

this release should be a great step forward:

  • no RAP into the IDE if all works as expected
  • support of Rina API changes (LnF) from Riena RC2
  • new command-recording of EMFStore makes EMF Edit transparent to work well with redView Designer in all situations
  • starting from redView 0.8.0 the installation is based on Helios EPP Modeling Package RC3.

EMFStore 0.6.1

Support of EMFStore 0.6.1 (N&N see here)

most important for redView Designer:

  • Edit Support for EMF Edit Commands
    • copy/paste/cut/delete
    • copy to clipboard / paste from clipboard

now EMFStore provides all EMF Edit commands used by redView’s WYSIWYG Designer Editor

Known Issues: (just noticed after releasing 0.8.0 😉 If you open a redView View Model from EMFStore Server and redesign the View using Drag-n-Drop you’ll get a NullPointer. We’ll fix this soon.


  • nested Views can now opened directly from the Designer Editor or Outline. If you change the nested View simply click refresh in the main redView.
  • Combos and Lists with CollectionBinding now got a visual dummy – representation

Riena LnF

Support of Riena’s changes for LnF, see also Riena N&N and Bugzilla 313701.


see here fixed bugs for 0.8.0

redView 0.7.5 (Helios RC1) 2010-05-24


  • still problems with RAP Plug-ins in IDE – if you don’t want to deal with this, then you have to wait for some bugzillas fixed – hopefully with Helios RC2/RC3.
  • a new problem occurs if using mylyn – problematic plug-ins from bundle can confuse P2 – please follow the workarounds from installations carefully


enhanced update-sites to reference to other update-sites -> now installing is easier, you don’t have to import software – sites – bookmark file first.

modified 2010-05-27: if you want to use EMFStore examples, there was a bug with emfstore 0.5.29, so we upgraded to emfstore 0.5.31. If you already have installed please reload the emfstore software site and then as team-developer pull from mercurial server to get the new target platform and as user-developer update the IDE to emfstore 0.5.31.


switched to MercurialEclipse 1.7.0 snapshots because of faster startup


Support of EMFStore 0.5.29.


see here fixed bugs for 0.7.5


thx to fixed bugzillas, now using Helios RC1 Target Platform compiles without errors after restart.

Using Mercurial-Eclipse 1.7.x snapshots: huge performance improvements at startup or decoration-redraw

Open Issues

RAP plug-ins still can be fetched by P2 and installed into your IDE

Binding a tooltip

Now it is possible to bind a bean attribute to the tooltip of an uiControl. Therefore a new RTooltipBinding was added to the metamodel.

RAttributeToolTipBinding allows you to specify…

  • beanPath – the beanPath addresses the slot and the attribute inside the bean. This value will be used as tooltip. (for instance: beanPath=”TOOLTIP:value” uses the value of the attribute value from the bean located in the TOOLTIP slot)
  • i18nKey[boolean] allows you to define whether the value targeted by the beanPath is an i18nKey. If so, the org.redview.ui.riena.i18nTranslator extension will be used, to translate the key to the tooltip.

See org.redview.ui.tests – package org.redview.ui.riena.binding.tooltip

redView 0.7.4 (Helios M7) 2010-05-16

there was a first snapshot of redView in february 2010 – now we’re providing update-sites to install redView and also sources from Mercurial repositories.

Attention: still problems with RAP Plug-ins in IDE – if you don’t want to deal with this, then you have to wait for some bugzillas fixed – hopefully with Helios RC2.

You can install this version using Eclipse Helios M7 or later – please take a look at the Installation how to do this:

Please read the Installation Guide carefully – redView contains bundles to be used inside your IDE or in Runtime Environments.

We’re working hard on redView – the goal is to have a 1.0 Version two weeks after Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) is out.

open issues:

The integration of EMFStore to do live-pushes of design changes into running RCP applications works – but it’s experimental at this time. reason: we’re working on some issues to make it stable.

To get the full power of redView its a good idea to generate the redView View models using red-open Software Manufactory. First version of red-open will follow 2010-05-31.

Hint: This is a 0.x release, so the API isn’t stable, but we think there will be less changes until 1.0.

We guarantee:

The redView ecore Meta Models will be stable, which means you can use redView to design redView View models for your projects without fear. Newer releases of redView will open in EMF Editor or redView WYSIWYG designer Editor with no problems. We only plan some evolution of Meta Models adding Features, Properties or so. If we really have to change some fundamental, then you’ll get a migration tool. (Only exception at the moment is the – experimental – use of EMFSTore. There are some rare conditions using copy/paste where UI elements could get a wrong ID – but this will be fixed soon)



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