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Please wait for redView 1.0 with redesigned workshop

At EclipseCon 2010 we wanted to demonstrate the whole process from modeling to generating and running an application. Unfortunately we ran into some problems with RAP in the IDE and Updatesites not working as expected – exactly one day before EclipseCon started.

We’ll provide the workshop now in two versions: as self-study workshop following the instructions here ore live from webinars, which will be announced soon.

We have to wait until Helios RC2 is out

for more informations follow @ekkescorner at twitter.

—-d e p r e c a t e d———–>

will be replaced with new instructions until redView and red-open 0.8.0 are out (2010-05-31)

Santa Clara, Monday 22nd March 2010, 9am – 12am

This Tutorial will be the starting point for this workshop. If you’re not visiting the Tutorial you should at first work through all Examples before trying the workshop.

At the moment these pages are only an add-on to the Eclipsecon – Tutorial – we’ll add later Screencasts, slides, detailed informations…. – so in the case you’re not at Eclipsecon you can do it by yourself later or order a workhop 😉

The Tutorial needs as minimum Eclipse Helios M6

This tutorial is about both: Modeling and Runtime, so we need some special Installations: one for the modeling / transforming / generating – part and one to try it out from an application-developer perspective: this will be done from our Examples Installation. If all went well we also need the 3rd one: an Eclipse Riena Target Platform to run Riena Cient/Server Apps from.

The Tutorial was planned for 2 hours – but we got 3 hours, so there’s enough time at the beginning to do the setup. Of course it would help if you already downloaded Helios M6 SDK and prepard Installations as described below.

  • Preparing the installation
    • The Modeling Installation
      • MagicDraw
    • The Examples Installation
      • redView EMFStore Server
    • The Runtime Installation
      • Riena from TargetPlatform


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