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workshop – install MagicDraw

redView can use different MetaModels as source for generating Views: UML, Ecore, XSD, …

Our tutorial uses some MagicDraw UML models – to be able to edit these models we need MagicDraw. (min Version 16.5)

You can

  • download MagicDraw by yourself from
  • or wait until the Tutorial at EclipseCon:
    • we have MagicDraw UML Enterprise Edition 16.6 Versions for OSX, Linux and Windows available together with a special Licence key valid until april-15th thanks to MagicDraw.

If you download it by yourself to reduce installation time you have to register at MagicDraw, download your trial version and you’ll get a licence key by email.

then copy this licence to your disc and start MagicDraw. While starting you’ll be asked for the licence key location.

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