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workshop – redview EMFStore server

redView uses EMF models to define SWT Views. These Views can be stored as local XMI files or on a central server using an EMF Repository.

We have an experimental version of CDO to store the View models, but because of missing model-evolution we now have integrated EMFStore as repository server. (It’s the nature of our project that our meta-models will be extended and a repository must support model-evolution and guarantee that all existing models can still be used. redView’s View models are small but deep models and must be loaded at once – so we don’t profit of CDO’s great lazy loading mechanism)

The workshop use both kind of examples:

  • XMI – file- based
  • EMFStore – Server based

To prepare the installation we have provided a ready-to-run

redView EMFStore Server

You can download the server from our sites at SourceForge – there are versions for:

  • OSX – redView EMFStore Server (Link: xxxxx)
  • Windows – redView EMFStore Server (Link: xxxxx)
  • Linux – redView EMFStore Server (Link: xxx)

If you ask “what’s an EMFStore server ?” – of course its Eclipse – its an Eclipse product where redView’s EMF Meta Models are included.

xxxx to be continuedxxxxxxx

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